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12.11.11 – Here’s another great 3 Pix and a Post from my friend Dave. He’s spending his first Christmas season in his new home in Florida which is in many ways different from his old home in Michigan. 

Dear Friends,

You might be wondering what the Christmas season is like down here in south Florida. First of all, not only is there no snow, but there is zero possibility of getting any snow. Ever! There was a cold front that went through here this morning and the temperature dropped down to 73 degrees. The people who have lived here for a long time and have gotten used to the temperature being about 85 all the time were all dressed up in long pants, flannel shirts, hoodies, and talking about how cold it was. Not me, though. I thought it was pretty nice.

But, there isn’t any snow, and I think I will never get used to that at Christmas time. I hope I never get used to it. If I do, I will feel like I’ve lost something very special. There are leaves on all the trees, the grass is green, there’s butterflies and flowers…but no snow at Christmas is never going to feel quite right.

There are Christmas decorations here. Lots of houses in the neighborhood have the lights on at night with little Santa’s, reindeer, stars, manger scenes, wise men, all the usual stuff. While I was out walking after dinner last night, I was admiring some of the displays around where I live. Aside from the obvious strangeness of walking around in shorts and flip-flops in December looking at Christmas decorations, there was something else that struck me as strange that, at first, I could not quite figure out. Then, it dawned on me. As I stood there in the glow of colored lights that spiraled up the trunk of a palm tree, I could hear the chirping of crickets. That was weird.

Always yours truly,
Mr dave

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12.10.11 – My usual morning routines these days is to ride the tram from my place with Max on his way to school in Katajanokka in the morning. I hate working at home so after we leave each other I head to my favorite “office” these days, Cafe Carusel, located in Eira down by the waterline. I usually walk along the coast, past the Kauppatori and harbor where the Silja and Viking lines come and go, because the cafe doesn’t open until 9am. I have time to kill ;) The walks these days have been exceptionally beautiful because the timing coincides with the sunrise which makes for some beautiful shots… and memories.

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29.08.11 – My world is picking up momentum once again. It’s a bit more than a month since summer solstice has passed and the Earth’s movement away from the sun, here in the North on the top of the world, is made obvious by the dramatic sunsets. Although I’m not looking forward to the Winter months ahead, I can still enjoy the evenings on my balcony as the sunsets grow longer and approach 5 minutes earlier each day.

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23.08.11 – Chaos and order, I loves it! I get both when I’m walking out on the platforms of Helsinki Central Railway Station. The main building of the station is constructed of Finnish granite but the platforms behind the station are covered by a glass roof supported by a complex pattern of steel bars and flourescent lights. I find myself looking up to the glass roof as I make my way to my track, finding a vanishing point and admiring how the various patterns morph.

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18.08.11 – I was looking over some pictures from this summer and there are some I didn’t have time to post because I was having so much fun. This was a great summer. Lots of karaoke, salsa dancing and visits from friends and family. These shots were from a mini-road trip I took a month back. I headed to Tampere, Finland for a salsa event and had to drive to Jaana’s parents summerhouse the next day in Padasjoki, Finland. I’ve barely used my car since I moved here but this was the perfect opportunity for me to make the most of my Honda Element. I danced (well, maybe more watched) till 4AM and then headed out of Tampere where I found a beautiful little campground, about 20 km out of the city, pulled over, laid the seats back and spread out my comforters. After 4 hours of sleep, I headed to Padasjoki to play in the annual farmers vs. summerhouse people’s pesäpallo, Finnish baseball, game. What a great weekend!

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10.08.11 – I always try to chuck my change to street performers playing music. Helsinki usually has a nice range of musicians from classical violinists, Peruvian woodwinds, a xylophone guy and probably too many bad accordionist. These guys, the Porkka Playboys, really stood out from the crowd. When I saw them, they were playing Break on Through by the Doors. They got bonus points from me for having a Melodica in the band. I could only stay for one song but I hope I see them again.

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07.06.11 – The weather has been beautiful the last couple of days but last night some clouds brewed up out of nowhere. The wind picked up and a few raindrops fell but before the end of the evening, everything cleared out and returned to normal. Still made for some dramatic pictures ;)

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10.03.11 – I was down walking at my favorite place, across the ice to some of the little islands off the coast of Helsinki. Spring is in the air although the temperatures are still about freezing. The days are getting longer, you can feel the change in sunlight on a daily basis. While I was out walking today there was a storm off the coast which made for some dramatic clouds.

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08.03.11 – The trip to the Museum of Natural History has too many great photo ops to limit the visit to three pix. Besides the amazing dioramas, one of my favorite, albeit slightly spooky, displays are the preserved insects and sea life. There’s an entire wall filled with bottled bugs. Max goes crazy over these things because there are so many odd life forms on display. I usually spend the most time in the museum at this display. Crazy stuff!

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23.02.11 – I love taking the long way home ;) Whenever I have the time and given the option to take a slightly different route to my destination, I always opt for something new and different. I’ve been working on an idea for a business and I met with a graphic designer, Tex, who seems really cool and perfect for the project. I tend to get excited and animated when I’m talking about the project so by the time I left, I needed to “decompress.”

I decided to walk home from where we met in Katajanokka along the coast to my place in Punavuori. Once you get past the harbor, where the ships and tugs are constantly busting up trails in the ice, you get to undisturbed areas where you see more and more footprints and tracks leaving the sidewalks and out onto the ice. It was late in the day, but I had some time so I decided to divert and take the long way home.

The ice along the coast is usually full of people out for walks but at this time of the day, while the sunset was slowly changing shades of red, I was the only one. I walked out and around one of the little islands just off the coast. Once you reach the furthest point out, with the island behind you and blocking the city from view, you really get a feeling of solitude. I was still “high on life” so it was a welcome feeling. It reminded me of times when I have been camping and you stop to look around, feeling there isn’t another soul in the world, and you are content with life and loving the view.

The frozen world I was taking in at the moment could be seen by some as harsh, frozen and barren. When you look South, it really seems you can start walking in any direction because the surface is so flat and there are only a few rolling hills/islands off in the distance. The surface is smooth ice, covered with a fine layer of snow crystals which crunch underfoot. My eye was drawn to the few areas along the edge of the island where the ice had cracked and raised in sections. The red sunset was fighting a loosing battle and the world around me was becoming a beautiful blue.

Life was good in my world and I actually felt recharged from this little slice of solitude.

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