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31.07.10 -No program today = a good day. I love wandering around and seeing what evolves rather then having a list of items to accomplish. I was lucky to hang out with Emma, 1 on 1. We wandered over to the library where I got my library card, ate ice cream on the Esplinade and most importantly, I had a great time talking about nothing important, just being together. Thanks Emma!

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30.07.10 -I spent the day moving to a new apartment but I wanted to accomplish one task before the day ended, get a library card! Cafes are great to spend time at but I prefer the peace of the library when I’m trying to get caught up with my laptop. The main Helsinki Kirjasto is located just off the Esplanade, the “main drag”. You can walk just a block away from the bustling Esplanade and find yourself walking quietly alone… which is nice.

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29.07.10 -I spent the day with my kids, Max and Emma, with no particular plan in mind. Ever since we’ve arrived in Finland, it seems we’ve always had a “program” so to walk around Helsinki aimlessly was a welcome change. We made our way to the city center, passing street musicians, food stalls, and a majority of Helsinki’s population out and about making the most of the beautiful weather we’ve been experiencing. Most of the day was spent at the Kamppi, a shopping center/bus and metro terminal all rolled into one. Most of the shops are geared towards Emma and her age group but they also have one of my favorite pizza places, Koti Pizza, in Helsinki… so far.

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I’m going to try and document my new life in Finland and what better way to do it then with pictures… and text. My goal is to post every day, each consisting of three pictures I’ve taken that day, and a brief explanation that sums up the day. I hope you enjoy.

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