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08.08.10 – Many might not know it but Finland hasn’t been a country that long, since 1917 believe it or not. What is now Finland has a long history of being occupied by both the Swedes to the West and Russians to the East. One of the best places to see some of the history of the occupiers is on Suomenlinna Fortress, an island fortress just off the coast of Helsinki. The Swedes started contstruction in the mid 18th century and the Russians took over about a 100 years later. It’s now a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Luckily for Max and me, it’s also another great place in the surrounding archipelago to go swimming and catch some rays. By the time we made it to the island, we were more interested in swimming then sightseeing. It was another summer day hovering around 90 degrees. We cooled off in the ocean and then made our way around the island to explore the sea facing fortifications and 19th century Russian canons.

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