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10.08.10 – Emma and I decided to rent bikes today and we ended up at a popular spot in Helsinki, the cemetary. The weather was a bit overcast and windy so the beach was out of the question and Emma has been interested in using my Canon SLR so Hietaniemi Cemetary was a great choice. Most of the tombstones are dated between the 1800 and mid 1900. Some of the most popular Finns are buried there, Field Marshall Mannerheim and Alvar Aalto to name a few. The cemetary is located next to the ever popular Hietaniemi Beach which is known for it’s nightlife as well as the largest beach in Helsinki. Apparently there are “nightly parties, flirting, petting, and more, are recurrent concerns in letters to the editor alarmed by alleged dishonourable conduct at the gravestones.”

Emma shot some really cool pictures too. I’ll post them later.

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