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11.08.10 – I’m diving deeper into photography apps for the iPhone. Up until now I’ve only been using Hipstamatic but I recently downloaded CameraBag, PictureShow and Lo-mob. CameraBag is my favorite so far because of the simple interface and just the right amount of options. CameraBag lets you use the iPhone camera to take a new shot or choose an existing file from the Photo Library. Once you have the image you can select between 8 camera sims; i.e. Helga, Lomo, Colorcross, plastic. Next would be PictureShow which is more of a touch up and effects type app. PictureShow allows you to change the image frame, adjust color and add effects like light leak, noise, blur. Lo-mob hasn’t really grabbed my attention like the others. Lo-mob cost as much as CameraBag and PictureShow together yet lacks the features of the two combined. Hindsight, I wouldn’t have bought Lo-mob, although $1.99 won’t set you back too far, I’m just having way to much fun with CameraBag and PictureShow. Expect to see more of these two in future posts.

Also worth mentioning, there are some killer groups on Flickr for each of these apps as well as iPhone and toy photography. Here are a couple that I belong to;

Hipstamatic Portraits Onlyhttp://www.flickr.com/groups/1411380@N23/

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