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13.08.10 – We had a great first day in Paris. I spent the early part of the day trying to navigate the transit in Paris to get to the Charles De Gaulle Airport to meet Cici and Nicole. I made a couple of wrong turns, basically I was on the wrong side of the tracks, wound up getting to the airport a bit late but luckily so was their flight so I ended up getting to the terminal five minutes before they walked out 😉

We took a cab to Kim’s place, which is about 30 minute ride, spent a little time catching up, eating some fresh mango, kiwi and peaches and then headed out to buy Emma a camera (thanks Aunt Kim!).

The best part of the day followed, we headed to a neighborhood Kim thought Emma and Nicole would like called Marais. There are a couple of blocks of hip clothing and shoe stores. There’s also some odds and end stores like cool bead shops. We made our way to a cafe for coffee and tea just before it started to rain, which lasted just long enough for us to finish our drinks. At the end of the block was a beautiful church called Église Saint Paul Saint Louis where mass was being held in French, so we made our way there to sit and meditate.

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