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15.08.10 – There was no avoiding it, I knew the trip to Paris was going to fly by and it did. It was raining so we decided to head to the Musée D’Orsay, the train station turned impressionism museum. Unfortunately, so did the rest of France. We didn’t have much time anyhow because Emma and I were flying out at 1530.

We decided to have a nice meal at a restaurant Kim was familiar with in the neighborhood. I went way French ordering Steak Tartare. The staff kept double checking with me making sure I knew what I was ordering, which I did, kind of. I knew it would be raw but I didn’t expect to get so much. It looked like a raw whopper. The waiter told me if I finished it, I would be a true Parisian. Well, that’s a club I’ll have to join some other time. Everyone took a taste and I tried my best to finish my meal but there’s only so much tartar I can take. Seriously, I couldn’t figure a cooked burger that size.

My sister Kim was the perfect host, always making sure the apartment was stocked with great food, we were never at a lack for entertainment and was the perfect guide for Paris. It was also great to spend time with my sister Cici and my niece Nicole. I will travel with all of you again and again.

I would like to say Emma and I enjoyed a peaceful trip home but we didn’t. I don’t want to go into it here but it was… a nightmare. Enough said on that subject although it made it much easier to feel so glad I was home 😉

Note! If you would like to see some more pictures, click here to view a slide show of some of the other shots from our trip.

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