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20.08.10 – Last night wasn’t a total surprise. Max and I were walking home from his school and we passed a small mob forming outside one of the hotels off the Esplanade. I asked someone what was going on and they told me U2 was in town and the crowd was waiting for them to come out of their hotel. I began trying to explain to Max who U2 was and how potentially important it was for him to stay here with me in the crowd and actually wait to see them come out while at the same time frantically searching my iPhone for my U2 songs that I know he’s heard in the past (The Unforgettable Fire, favorite U2 album and song). Mind you, I didn’t forget to note the contrast between how I was currently acting and my usual day-to-day blasé response to anything rock star/MTV/fame-game. Max’s response, “why wait around only to see famous people?”

Helsinki’s a small city. Although we decided to move on earlier and go about our day, U2 would not be ignored. Max was sleeping over and we didn’t get home until after 2000 after a long day, so we were tired. We could hear something going off in the distance and one of my drunk friends from “crazy people park” across my apartment confirmed it was “Oooo-2.” Max and I had a bit of downtime but it wasn’t long before the sounds of “where the streets with no names…” and “she moves in mysterious ways…” reverberating off of the local buildings moved me to action.

It was a beautiful night, not too warm, not too cold, and the streets were full of people walking in the same direction, to the U2 soundtrack playing in the streets. At first I thought it was going to be a long haul but it was only two blocks away at the Olympic Stadium. We couldn’t see them but we could definitely enjoy the music along with all the other people milling about the parking lot and camping on the nearby patches of grass. We hung out for a couple of songs. Apparently at the beginning of each one I would say to Max, “Oh Max, this one’s a great song.” He made sure to point it out every time I said it. We headed back after about 30 minutes.

I checked their concert schedule and they have one more performance in Helsinki tonight and then it’s on to Moscow. Tickets were available for the Moscow show. See the excerpt from the site below. I wonder how long it takes to get a visa for Russia???

PLEASE NOTE THAT TICKETS TO FORM “KASSIR.RU” available only through the cashier “Cashier” and the site http://kassir.ru. DO NOT Buy tickets by hand, beware of imitations!

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