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22.08.10Lasipalatsi, which translates to Glass Palace, is a building located right off of the main “drag” in Helsinki called Mannerheimintie, within sight of the central train station. The area behind the Lasipalatsi is a pedestrian zone which is often the location for short-term outdoor markets,¬† small festivals and unique local sporting events. It’s the perfect spot because of the size and the amount of pedestrian traffic generated by the Kamppi.

This weekend the spot was home to the French Food Market. Max and I luckily stumbled across it Thursday on our way home from school. Two rows with about 8 to 10 different stalls selling, soap, bread, pastries, candy and more made up the caravan of French food carts. I stopped at the “bulk-like” candied fruit stall to fill up a paper sack with cashews, pistachios and candied kiwi, ginger, mango and papaya cubes. A killer unexpected snack for the afternoon.

The market had a gypsy like feel. Most of the stalls were the kind of temporary canvas and pole easy to set up and breakdown framework. I guess they move from city to city setting up shop for a couple of days and then moving on. The market was extended till Monday so I’ll probably swing by and talk to some of the sellers. Hopefully the lines will be shorter than on the weekend.

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