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17.08.10 – Well, it’s not all fun and games here in Finland. Between Jaana and I, we’ve moved 5 times already and we have another two to go before we land in apartments which would be considered permanent. Luckily we haven’t received our belongings yet, which are currently somewhere on the high seas but due in around the end of this month. Jaana doesn’t move to her place in Katajanokka until the first of next month and I’m currently looking for a place in the Ressu neighborhood to be close to the school Max and Emma will be attending.

We’ve also been securing local phone service, Nordea Bank for new accounts, registering at the Maistraatti, the Finnish tax office for the kids and at the Poliisi for me. Every step is a challenge which usually starts off with a “Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t do that.” I had problems switching my iPhone over to the local DNA service. It required 4 trips to the DNA shop in the city center and a number of software updates to “jailbreak” my phone. Even the bank didn’t want to give me an account because I didn’t have a job. The banks in Finland are more worried about money laundering then just plain old money.

One thing I’ve learned is you can get mad but don’t waste your time getting discouraged 😉

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