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28.08.10 – Max’s teacher handed me some tickets when I picked him up Friday. She told me, “this is a big Finland vs. Sweden athletic event… there will definitely be some fighting!” I wasn’t sure if the hockey season started this early or it was a football/soccer match. Turns out it was something even more sinister… Track and Field.

Max was wiped so I headed over by myself because the stadium is right around the corner. There weren’t any fights, at least to my knowledge, but Finland gave Sweden a whooping! The Swedes boarded their buses with their tails between their legs and made a bee line to the Viking Line ferry. No doubt the karaoke on board was weak that night!

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28.08.10 – Ok, it’s no Cedar Point, but Helsinki has an amusement park and Max was dieing to take me. We had a few hours to kill on Saturday so we jumped on the 8 tram and headed to Linnanmäki amusement park. The place isn’t that big, with only a couple of coasters and a handful of rides, about 40, but the lines weren’t long which made it more fun then other amusement parks I’ve been to. One of the best rides is the Wooden Roller Coaster or Vuoristorata in Finnish which has been a part of the park since 1951. Each train has a brakeman” riding on the back and although the ride is quick, it’s exciting to ride and has some beautiful views of the city, however brief. There’s also a ferris wheel and a Panorama ride which offer better views 😉

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