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19.09.10 – What a great day. We came up with a plan and we stuck to it. Anita and I decided to try to start with the Park Güell, a garden with complex architectural elements designed by Antoni Guadí, and then head over to the Fundació Joan Miró, a museum of the artists work.

The park was definitely my favorite. Anything Guadí blows me away. The level of detail and creativity is unlike anything I’ve been fortunate to experience. At the entrance to the park were amazing buildings which reminded me of gingerbread houses, and then a cave like structure you could walk into with doric columns and a ceiling with some of the most beautiful mosaics. As you walk through the park which is built on top of a hill overlooking Barcelona, you come across the most amazing roadway viaduct which was like walking through some dinosaur’s remains. It’s hard to describe! Simply amazing. The park luckily offers many places to sit and relax and take in the experience.

We caught a cab from the park to go to a museum of Joan Miró’s, the Fundació Joan Miró. It was great to see a cross-section of the artist’s life’s work. Miró is an artist I know by name and a couple of his works. The museum has a number of works, some familiar but most new to me. There were also a number of works by other artists, my favorite was the Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder. My favorite by Miró was the Tapestry of the Foundation, a 750 x 500 cm tapestry as you first enter the main exhibit. Colors and textures. That’s all I can say.

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