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22.09.10 – I had my doubts about Cadaqués when we arrived but it’s turned out to be a great little stop. The first day it rained but we were able to avoid most of the moisture by ducking into little shops, cafes and one of the major tourist spots in the city, the Church of Saint Mary, at the top of the hill. We were even able to make a relatively dry 10 minute hike over to the neighboring village, Port Lligat, to see the home turned museum of Salvador Dalí.

The restaurant and cafe scene was questionable at first too but I think we overcame that issue. When we first arrived the waiters weren’t exactly friendly and some of the enclosed places reeked of smoke, so we bounced from a place to place looking for somewhere to eat. We finally found a place with outdoor seating and we ordered tapas. I ordered some chips, thinking I would get french fries, and got a bag of Lay’s potato chips! Ok, they were “Gourmet” chips but c’mon.

The hotel told us about a restaurant called La Cala which we’ve been to now three times in the last two days. Inexpensive and the food is simple yet amazing. The restaurant has a nice selection of meat and seafood. We’ve had the squid in three variations there, lightly coated little guys with eyes, breaded rings the size of silver dollars and the full on squid grilled and served with garlic butter. Great place!!!

We woke up today and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. After breakfast, I headed to the center of town to rent a scooter. I was back to pickup Anita and we headed for the coast. We took the road out-of-town, following the waterline, and made our way to the Cap de Creus peninsula. We were so close to the French border that my phone started getting texts from the French phone companies explaining their rates. The road ended up on a point with a lighthouse on it. I took some panoramic shots so expect an entry in the Collage page.

The night was even better as we walked along the beach in the moonlight.


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