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26.09.10 – All of my “stuff” is tied up in storage right now because I haven’t found an apartment yet đŸ˜¦ Max and I are big time gamers so it was great to find out there was a game fair called Games People Play being held on the weekend. EA and Nintendo were two of the big sponsors, so it sounded like fun.

The building and location of the event were interesting too. It was held at the Kaapelitehtaalla in the Ruoholahti neighborhood of Helsinki. Kaapelitehtaalla translates to The Cable Factory, is a beautiful old factory building which was acquired by the city of Helsinki and converted to a cultural center.

There were a number of demo stations so Max and I dove in. Unfortunately 90% of the consoles were running EA’s latest NHL game. Well, we are in Finland so I guess hockey dominates. Luckily Nintendo doesn’t have a serious hockey game so there were also some Mario games to test out. Max showed the Finns how to dominate Super Mario Galaxy!


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