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28.09.10 – There’s a small place just outside my front door which turns out to be a karaoke bar. It’s called the Karaoke Bar Restroom. At first I thought they were just advertising the bar had both karaoke and a restroom but no, it’s the name of the place! I’ve only been in once but I plan to go again. I’ve been studying Finnish most nights and the one time I went I felt like I was still studying. I tried to listen to the words to the songs when they sang in Finnish, although most of the songs are in English. As usual, the Finns tend to speak… and sing!… English very well. There was one guy although, that could barely stand up and he kind of growled/slurred through a version of Billy Idol‘s Rebel Yell.


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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “I love this guys stuff.” It’s nice to offer someone else’s work on the blog too. Hope you all enjoy.

Neo-Baroque apartment building on Annankatu Neo-Baroque apartment building on Annankatu, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier. Most buildings in this neighbourhood date from the late 19th century, and range from Neo-Renaissance to Art Nouveau. This one is from 1898. … Read More

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