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The Income List!

02.11.10 – The big news in Finland today is that the latest publication of the Verotiedot, an annual income and tax report of Finnish citizens earning over €60.000/year. Every year this report is made public and its big news. In most other countries and cultures, talking about your salary is taboo, right up there with religion and politics, but not here in Finland! If you make over €60K, you make the book with your salary listed for everyone to see.

Ilta-Sanomat, one of the largest newspapers in Finland, had a digital “isotuloisinta” on their website listing the top 1000 individuals with the highest salaries. You can search by category, like Jalkapallo (Soccer players) or Pop&Rock, or you can search for someone by their name. I heard a report from an undisclosed source at a rather large Finnish manufacturer of cell phones that almost everyone was pouring over the list looking for their bosses. I guess a few people were a bit peeved too 😉


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WordPress, the blog publishing application I use, just opened up another site called Foodpress which “serves up” the best of the best food blogs on wordpress.com. It’s basically a blog about blogs focusing on food. Good stuff. Check it out 😉

Pumpkin Nutella Bread Don’t you love it that you can mix together the same basic ingredients, but bake it in a loaf pan instead of a round pan, and you suddenly have bread for “breakfast”, instead of cake for “dessert” ?! Add a couple of ingredients like Pumpkin and Nutella, and you’ve just added vegetables and nuts (ie protein!), and now you can really fool yourself into thinking that you are eating a balanced meal. If you have never eaten Nutella, you are definitely … Read More

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