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14.11.10 – Or so I’ve been told 😉

Note! You Should Be Here by Bulgaria Magazine, a killer book, was referenced for this post.

Iso Roobertinkatu is a popular walking and shopping street located a few blocks from where I live in Punavuori. Iso-Roba isn’t quite big enough to be considered a pedestrian zone, just two of the four blocks of the street have been blocked from auto traffic, but they’ve managed to pack quite a bit in two blocks.

By day, the street is filled with teens killing time and shoppers dropping euros. Trendy shops like Nectarine Clothing, Formverk, Highend Studio cover everything from clothing, to hip home furnishings, to high-end stereo equipment. For the “kids” there’s Harness Bodypiercing by Yazka, Stupido Records and the ever popular McDonald’s.

But nighttime is when Iso Roobertinkatu shows its true colors. The busier part of “party-Roba” is filled with a variety of bars whereas the quieter part is where you’ll find the porn shops. (I know, porn shops! In a country where the most popular thing to do is get naked with your friends in a hot room, who would have time for porn!) Two of the most popular bars, We Got Beef and DTM, are located right across the street from each other. We Got Beef is home to the über-hip skateboarders, DJs, graphic designers and their followers. DTM,  Don’t Tell Mama, with three floors is the biggest gay club, bar and cafe in Scandinavia.

All in all, as in the rest of Finland, everything seems to coexist peacefully.


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