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01.12.10 – The ice rink across the street is definitely “on.” Each day I see more and more people ice skating and the scratching and clapping sounds of kids playing hockey can be heard late into the night. I love it. Finns are very much into the outdoors and seeing the park full of people, even when the temperatures dip well below freezing, is a comfort. I’ve lived in American neighborhoods where you never see your neighbors and you wonder if anyone lives in the surrounding buildings. Seeing the park full of people and the ice rink crammed with skaters makes me love living here even more.

This evening when I was walking home I stopped to take some shots. A group of boys were playing hockey. They were using their large gym bags as goals, two bags on each end. I love the sound of them playing hockey with all the random scratches of the skates, ticking of the puck on their sticks and then the occasional “thunk” as the puck slaps into a wooden backstop.

Even as the high adrenaline teens were taking up a large section of the rink, there were a number of other people enjoying themselves. I’ve heard “Finns are born with the skis on” meaning cross-country skis, but there were a number of kids who looked as if they had just learned to walk making their way onto the ice with skates and helmets. A father was using a hockey stick, holding it out parallel to the ice, skating backwards and supporting some kids who were probably four years old or less. Everyone shared the space equally and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

I better get out there with the kids soon!


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