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02.12.10 – I’ve been a bit under the weather so I didn’t get out much. Luckily my symptoms haven’t spread to my lungs and/or my head, I’ve just been exhausted and needed to take a day on the couch. Here are a few pictures of my favorite topic these days… the ice rink.

Jää is the Finnish word for ice. Finnish is a phonetic language, so each letter of the alphabet has only one sound. In Finnish the ä is pronounced like the a in “at.” The j is pronounced like the y in “yes.” So you would pronounce jää like “yā” but because it has two of the same letter, ää, you need to stretch out the āā sound. Max’s teacher taught him to clap out the syllables of Finnish words. Jä would get one clap and jää would get two claps. Try it out and see if you can hear the difference. If you can’t hear the difference be careful when you’re in Finland because you’ll have a hard time, like me, knowing when someone is saying ice (jää) or member (jä).


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