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20.12.10 – You maybe asking yourself “Why randomness?” Emma has this way of adding “ness” onto words which don’t usually have such endings and I love it. Maybe it’s an Emma thing, maybe a new way of talking for kids or maybe it’s a Finnish thing, I’m not sure. She has some pictures on Facebook called “Schoolness” and she was talking about how she loves Helsinki and it’s “ocean-ness.” Language lately has been interesting for Emma, Max and I, and we’re all dealing with the “changeness.”

Here are some images of Finland which I think fall into the “randomness” category.

The first is something odd I found outside the ice rink near the central train station. It’s a hockey game so I guess when you’re not playing hockey on the ice, you can take a break and… play hockey.

The second was something I was watching at Stockmann‘s department store when I was looking for a DVD player. The tv’s on display were showing a biathlon, the sport which involves two of Finns favorite pastimes, skiing and shooting.

The last is… (spoiler alert if you still believe in Santa Claus)… a flyer posted outside my building’s front door for a “rent a Santa.” In Finland, Santa comes to your house in person on Christmas Eve to deliver the presents. Sometimes you have to hire someone to make the most of the “holidayness.”

It’s been a long day so I’m putting a fork in this one and going to sleep!


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