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26.12.10Scandinavians love their candy. Denmark and Sweden are usually battling for first place in most non-chocolate candy consumption surveys with an average of around 25 lbs. annually per person! Sweden even has something called Lördagsgodis, Saturday sweets, which is something similar to Saturday morning cartoons for kids in America. Finland is right up there with its Scandinavian neighbors. Even though prices are high and options maybe limited at the grocery store, you can always find a wide variety  of inexpensive candy in Finland.

The kids and I were looking for something to do after some sledding so we headed to our favorite video store, Makuuni, to pickup a couple of movies for the evening. Something I’ve always found interesting about Finland are the video rental stores. Bulk candy usually takes up as much space as the video display shelves. After choosing a movie, you can grab a plastic bag and a spoon and start digging into the candy. Chocolates, caramels, gummies, gums, lollipops, licorices… the list goes on. Most of them are types I’ve never seen before so I usually try to get a couple of my favorites and then try something new. It’s so bad but it’s so good!

What’s your favorite theatre or video store candy? Leave a comment and I’ll see if they have it at my local store 😉


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