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02.01.11 – So far this year isn’t starting off the way I hoped 😦 Two major issues have tainted the New Year already. Unfortunately my iPhone is on the fritz and I’m having trouble securing a new one. Also, my computer fell off my couch and the monitor is cracked. I have a backup plan and “ain’t no stopping me now!” I can still use my computer but I’m looking into a replacement screen and I will continue to get my iPhone working or buy another 😦

Jaana and I used to have a saying if something bad would happen before we started a trip it was always going to be a great trip. Some of our best trips were when we got to the airport late and almost missed our flight, we found out the day before we were scheduled to leave our passports were expired… We always seemed to make it through after the initial bad episode. I sure hope this year is like one of those trips.

Above are a few of the last pictures I had from my phone. I think I should have this sorted out soon but keep your fingers crossed for me 😉

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