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03.01.11 – How does Helsinki decide to spend the darkest time of the year? With a Festival of Light guaranteed to stimulate the senses and make the most of these long winter nights. The festival, which started on New Year’s Eve and continues till January 9, 2011, has a series of works located around the city center which allows you to take a “journey” of light. Works, which include illuminated buildings, photography exhibits and even a fire circus, run from 5PM to 11PM and you can take the journey on foot or ride a specially designed “light tram.”

Last night we focused on the Walkea fire circus which was being held in the courtyard of Topelia building (at Unioninkatu 38). Six performers danced the night away with fire, tossing and turning large fire sticks, strutting with burning umbrellas or performing a duet which made me feel it was more like a ballet than a circus. The music was great, it reminded me of something you would hear at the Cirque du Soleil, (circus ethereal?) and the audience watched silently, mesmerized by the performers until it was time for the “thump thump thump” of winter gloved applause.

I’m hoping to go again before the event ends so expect to see some additional posts throughout the week.

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