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Season of Light is becoming quite popular in Helsinki. Checkout Jacquelyn Gleisner’s blog Hellosinki for her “view.” While you’re at it, you can browse through the rest of her blog which contains a number of her paintings. Jackie’s an American on a Fulbright scholarship living in Finland and a talented artist.

Season of Light Let There Be Light! Christmas and New Year’s have passed, but the city of Helsinki is still celebrating with the Season of Light. Prominent buildings throughout the city are illuminated in an effort to brighten these darks days of winter and shed new light on Helsinki. In addition to the light installations, there are also other attractions, including a Fire Circus. The festivities began on New Year’s Eve and will continue until January 9th. Vill … Read More

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04.01.11 – The Walkea Fire Circus, just one of the installations which are part of Helsinki’s Season of Light event, really made an impression on me so I think it deserves another post. If you live in Helsinki or planning on visiting before January 9th, I would strongly suggest getting out to see one of their performances. They have three shows a night in the Topelia courtyard at Unioninkatu 38 at 1800, 1930 and 2100.

I think what impressed me most was the groups… how do I say it, their “down to earth” feel. Their performance reminded me of a Cirque du Soliel performance; the music, the imagination, the creativity, but the Walkea performance made me feel like I was watching something more real, albeit magical. A Cirque performance borders on the unbelievable because of the almost incredible level of skill. I think the fire circus had a more inviting and relaxed feel which really let me sink into the mood of the show. Mesmerizing describes it best because they held my attention as if I was in a spell.

Check it out if you can, I know you’ll be impressed. If you’re not in the area, click here for a google search where you’ll find additional information, more images and videos from others.

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