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06.01.11 – If you have the time, one of the must trips to take from Helsinki is the overnight trip to Stockholm, Sweden by ship. Two lines, the Viking Line and the Silja Line, depart daily from Helsinki at 5Pm for an overnight journey to Stockholm. You spend the night on the boat, wake up just before the ship arrives in Stockholm, enjoy a full day in Stockholm and then depart at 5Pm for the trip/sleep ride back to Helsinki. Of course, you can stay as long as you like but the kids are on winter holiday from school so we decided to make it an overnight holiday.

The first day of our holiday included checking into the ship and an overnight journey by sea. Checking in on the Silja Line is quite quick and easy. We grabbed our tickets and found our room, a berthing which had four beds and a view of the ocean, albeit a frozen ocean 😉 We grabbed dinner on the main deck, which is more like being inside a large shopping mall, and watched as people streamed by our table to shop, watch performances and make their way to party while the ship steamed onto Sweden.

Being the party animals that we are, Emma, Max and I checked out the main happenings rather quickly and then headed to our room to watch a few movies before the ship gently rocked us to sleep.

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