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10.01.11 – The kids have been out of school on Winter break so we’ve been trying to find different things to do. It’s way to easy to stay in, watch movies and play video games :P. Jaana has always been great about suggesting different activities in and around Helsinki. She told us about a ski and water park called Serena located in Northern Espoo, the city just outside Helsinki. Max and I ended up taking the 20 minute drive although public transportation from Helsinki was also an option.

Serena is a small park but there were just enough people there to make it exciting without the burden of long lines. We passed by the ski area on our way to the indoor section of the water park and watched skiers and snowboarders catching air and flipping off of jump in front of the resort. Inside the water park were a number of different swimming pools,wave pools, waterfalls, hot tubs and four large water slides. Max and my favorite was a 45-meter aquatube which was a good four story climb which zipped you down a number of turns and dives and then ended up in large “bowl” where you swirled around (I’m trying to avoid the toilet analogy!) until you fell through a hole in the bottom.

The fact the park had both a ski side and water park side made things a bit comical. It was interesting to take a break, in nothing but swim trunks, and take in the view of the snowboarders on the other side of the glass. Max and I also had something to eat before we left and a table on our one side had two boys in nothing but swim trunks and on the other, a group of four in jackets, goggles and hats.

There are a number of options for accommodations also. I could have seen spending a night there to get a bit of both worlds, swim and ski 😉


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