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24.01.11 – The focus has been on the Hipstamatic lately and as you can tell by past posts, my eye has always been drawn to color. I love when CameraBag‘s Lolo turns a Finnish canvas of snow and ice to bright blue hues or the way Hipstamatic focuses on the yellow buildings of Helsinki, framed by snow-covered trees, and deepens the color to look like gold with blood running through its veins. Yup, you could say I love color.

It never hurts to shake things up though so I’ve been trying to take some Hipstamatic black and white photos. When I look the pictures I’ve been taking lately, I have a load of tree shots. I love black and white shots of bark and branches so I thought I might start off there. As usual, I hope it’s entertaining so stay tuned 😉


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Checkout the art opening for a fellow Helsinki Blogger and expat tomorrow (25.01.11 1800-2100)!!! I’m going! I might meet some locals who read this blog and Jackie’s Hellosinki. PPusa????

Come to my Opening! Aalto University, TAIK Galleria Atski Hämeentie 135 C 8. kerroksessa / 8th floor Avajaiset Tammikuu 25 / Opening January 25 18-21 / 6 – 9 pm Feel free to invite friends and bring beverages! … Read More

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