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30.01.11 – Taking color out of the photo equation has me looking at lines. When I first started with black and white shots, I found myself focusing on trees and branches. I love the idea of chaos theory and patterns in nature. Why are the branches of some trees so beautiful and interesting to gaze at, like the stars in a clear night sky? Ok, I don’t have any books on Chaos Theory on my nightstand but dagnabbit if I don’t appreciate a nice tree.

When it comes to buildings and architecture, the lines are usually much simpler, which often helps create a strong vanishing point in the photograph. The rooftops of a streets buildings create strong lines converging in the distance. I’ve found a few buildings in Helsinki where the architects have tried to highlight the lines of a passageway to emphasize the vanishing point.

I’m not so happy with the results of trying to capture these lines. Trees are simple if you ask me. You just shoot a bunch of them and one or two shots will be sure to look good. Architecture is a lot harder to capture… especially when you are primarily using an iPhone as your main camera đŸ˜‰ I’ll keep trying to find some more examples in the near future.

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