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31.01.11 – Making a commitment to post daily is anything but easy. Sure, when you look back on all your posts there is a sense of pride. Some posts might be better than others and once you have a few under your belt… you can focus on the good ones 😉 It’s still a challenge, even with WordPressPost a Day help, to come up with pictures and topics to write about.

I set my own challenge a week back to shoot only black and white pictures which has been… a challenge! There are plenty of ideas to choose from, trees, architecture, revisiting places I’ve focused on color, but it’s hard to ignore the color. The first day after my decision, Helsinki had one of the most beautiful sunrises I think I’ve ever seen. I tried taking black and white shots but luckily I took some color ones too 😉 The sunset was killer also!

I think the idea which bothers me the most is the way I try to switch to a subject and then stick with it. I did something similar when I thought I would post only topics about my neighborhood. I had a couple of posts which were on topic but I kept finding I had better photos from the previous day which were of something completely different. What to do? Post pictures I didn’t care for to stay on topic or drop it and do whatever looks good?

I try to find a topic so the posts are less random and the overall blog has some consistency. I was having trouble finding color shots so I decided to give black and white a try. Where I think I went wrong is when I make the overall statement “I’m only going to shoot in black and white.” Then I get pigeon-holed and I’m missing the color.

Why did I start this blog in the first place! I wanted to have some fun, tap into some creativity and keep in touch with my family and friends back in the states. “Hey, checkout Finland through a foreigner’s eyes.” Since when did it become this obsession where I have to stick to topics. My favorite comments are when people say you have a nice way of writing which is more relaxed and inviting which is how I started. I think I need to relax with this stuff 😉

And that’s exactly what I’m doing. Here, have some color 🙂 Sorry if I’m off topic (but I don’t think you mind) but I’m going to have fun with this blog again. I hope you enjoy Finland through my eyes.


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