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09.02.11 – There is nothing like waking up in the morning and finding a fresh blanket of snow covering your world. Some people might wake up and see a troublesome work commute, driveways to shovel or being stuck home with the kids because their school is closed. Not me! Not with my view. I see this. I see a fresh new canvas with a few spots of warm glow. I’m looking forward to walking outside with the snow crunching under my feet and not having take baby steps for fear of slipping on the ice. And the kid in me… is thinking “yeah, no school!”

Winter, especially in Finland, is not a glass half empty or half full rhetorical concept. It’s tough and it sucks. Every once in a while though it makes you smile. Maybe every cloud has a silver lining is a better expression or better yet, every blanket has a warm glow.


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Woops, this one snuck through. I was just testing an app on my iPhone called PixelPipe which pushes files to other services like WordPress. I have some videos on my iPhone I want to push to Facebook. Apparently when I added WordPress it pushed this image which looks good so I’m going to leave it. So there đŸ˜‰

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