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10.02.11Kaivopuisto is one of the oldest and most popular parks in Helsinki. The park has several acres of flat land dense with trees as well as a large hill to overlook the Gulf of Finland to the South and the city center to the North. During the summer months, the park is popular with people sunbathing, picnicking and playing all types of sports. During the Winter months you’ll see nordic skiing and sledding, not to mention some of the best snow forts in the city.

I like to break my day up with a walk which happens to be something very Finnish. Finns love to get out for an hour or two of fresh air no matter what the weather conditions. Even when the temperatures have dropped well below freezing and the snow is falling, you’ll see a number of mothers and/or fathers out with baby strollers. One of these days I’ll get bold enough to ask them if I can get a picture because this is something I think is unique to Finland and appreciate very much.

I headed out to Kaivopuisto around noon because I knew the park was going to look great after the recent blanket of snow we received. Well, I wasn’t disappointed.

Make sure to checkout the panoramic shot I took on my Patchwork page.


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