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11.02.11 – Kirjakauppa is bookstore in Finnish and one of the best bookstores in Helsinki is the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa located near Stockmann, the most popular department store downtown. There are three floors to the bookstore. The top floor has a large cafe with seating and books dealing with languages. The main floor has most of the literature, journals and magazines with a good selection in English and plenty of comfortable chairs to relax and browse. The bottom floor is my favorite because it focuses on stationary, art supplies and office materials. I go there probably once a week looking for supplies. I had to go there recently looking for index cards for Emma. I still think it’s kind of funny that I don’t know where to find something as basic as index cards, something I could find in just about every grocery store or drugstore in America, but I have to go to the academic bookstore in Helsinki. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s Helsinki, I’m not sure.


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