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13.02.11 – We’re definitely over the hump here on top of the world. The days are getting longer and you can really feel it. We’re gaining almost 5 minutes a day here in Finland. Longer days means longer sunrises and sunsets to me. I’m not sure if it’s true but the transition from day to night seems to get a bit longer as summer approaches. Bring it on, I love it.


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Slightly off topic but I love this idea, love the photography of the different container options and would love to build one of these in Finland but I’m afraid it would turn into an icebox. Dwell magazine is one of my favorites because they would always have inexpensive highly creative architectural examples like containers as homes.

I wonder if anyone out there knows of something similar going on in Finland. If so, let me know.

Ship Me a Building: Used Shipping Containers as Architecture Tough economic times, and a growing desire to be more “green” has led to a renaissance from creative architects looking to find cheaper, more creative ways to design spaces. Ports around the world are overflowing with used, empty shipping containers, but now they are being repurposed to create funky residential and commercial structures. Shi … Read More

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