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20.02.11 – Finns love talking about the weather. Saa is the word for weather in Finnish. I’m still at the point where I can only pick out words in conversations to guess at what people are talking about on the trams. You hear “saa” a lot.

The temperatures have really been diving down. -20°C has been the norm. One day it even dropped to -41°C in Lapland, which is luckily way far in the North. A number of factors make the freezing temperatures bearable. Longer days mean more sunlight, more sunlight means cold temperatures during the night make warmer days. Also, luckily, we haven’t had much wind which makes the wind chill factor exponentially harder to deal with. Lastly, the nights are usually the coldest so you plan on staying in where your apartment is warm and toasty.

One side note, I bought something called a Boxee which allows me to stream movies via the internet and so far it’s pretty cool (Thanks Mikko for the idea). The selection of movies I can download are way better than what I find in the local video rental stores. The qualities of the movies and tv shows on my HDTV and the speed at which they download are very impressive. At least now I don’t have to hustle down to the video store in the cold.

The shots above are from an advertising display on the trams in Helsinki. As you can tell, they’re talking about the current saa.


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