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21.02.11 – Max and I were doing some sledding at Kaivopuisto, the big park by the sea. The view is amazing from the top of the hill and Sunday’s weather was amazing… by Finnish standards. The temperatures dropped to almost -20°C over the night but as soon as the sun came up, and the sky was crystal clear, the thermometer climbed to just below freezing. It seemed as if the whole city was out taking advantage of the perfect day. We could see hundreds of people out walking on the Baltic ice. From our vantage point, they appeared to be busy little ants making their way through a small network of paths down below.

When we headed home, we decided to join the people below and take a more direct route to our neighborhood using a short cut over the ice. I noticed a couple of paragliders in the distance. I used to paraglide when I lived in Santa Barbara, CA, so the site of two paragliders in Helsinki, excuse the pun, made me freeze in my tracks. My first thoughts were, where did they launch from? There wasn’t a spot high enough for them to make it out there without power. They’re flight path took them right over us and as they got closer you could make out the “buzz” of their motors. I haven’t seen one of these in quite a while and the older versions were almost too loud, but these engines were pretty quiet and seemed to have enough power to do the job.

They buzzed the crowd below, made a couple of circles and then continued on their way along the coast. It looked like fun. I’ll look into these guys to see if there’s a club. Not that I have time right now, I have bigger fish to fry, but it’s good to see there are some options to paraglide even here in Finland 😉


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