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24.02.11 – You never know what you’ll find when you head out on a walk. My friend Dave and I headed out to a section of Helsinki to checkout an area he had heard about which had a communal garden and also some cool graffiti. We got off at the Kalasatama metro station because the area we were heading to was just across from the island the Helsinki Zoo is on, Korkeasaari.

The graffiti was interesting and the communal gardens was a small area covered in a meter of snow with a few dead branches sticking out of it but what really caught our eyes was an old wooden boat, propped up on land, which looked like it was being restored. The area we were in is a place where private boats and yachts are obviously stored during the winter.

The boats wooden hull was cracked with age and covered with a combination of ice crystals and what appeared to be frozen barnacles. None of my pictures of the entire boat looked that impressive but it was interesting to get in close and take pictures of the details. It was like nature’s graffiti đŸ˜‰


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