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26.02.11 – I always try to split up my day with an early afternoon walk. It’s a very Finnish thing. No matter how low the temperatures dip, Finns make it a point to get outside for some fresh air and a bit of sunshine as much as possible. I’ve passed women out with baby strollers (pram) in near blizzard conditions. They instill the importance of getting outside daily in their children from day 1.

My favorite walk is still to get out on the frozen ocean whenever possible. I can be on the “water” in 5 minutes from my place. The ice is always smooth but not slippery, as it’s usually covered with a light bit of snow. It’s safe too because there are many paths and lots of footprints as well as several other people out for a walk or some nordic skiing.

I headed out today to see how far I could get out before I ran into a section where the ferries have passed through. The last picture above is where a ship had broken up the ice and all the other footsteps seemed to end. I marked my location with my iPhone map so you can get an idea how far out I was.

My sister Kim and friend Dave are on their way out to visit me in Finland. I can’t wait to take them out there. Kim better not chicken out 😉


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I love seeing photographs from other parts of the world. Who doesn’t? Checkout this post from Malaysia. Killer composition and beautiful colors.

Four Days In Penang – Part 2 Welcome back, this is Part 2 of the pics i took on my trip to Penang. Again, the pictures are random and in no particular order. Enjoy 😉 Two more parts coming up! Come on, at least there are less parts compared to Star Wars. … Read More

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