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Sledding Pastry???

27.02.11ShrovetideLaskiaispulla? Ash Wednesday? What?

There was a bit of excitement here in Finland this weekend as a traditional pastry called laskiaispulla was available “for a limited time only”. Jaana told us the word roughly translates to “sledding pastry.” Laskiaispulla is a pastry filled with marzipan or jam and whipped cream and only available for a couple of days this time of year.

As it turns out, the pastry is an old tradition with ties to Christian holidays with a Finnish twist added. The holiday is the period before Lent called Shrovetide. Lent is the period of preparation before Easter which is a time of self-denial and fasting, so I guess before you start fasting you might as well enjoy a treat? In the UK, the period is called Pancake Day. The Finnish twist is to reference something also popular this time of year… sledding.

We were lucky to try a couple of variations of the pastry, some definitely better than others. Personally, I thought the sledding was better 😉


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