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03.03.11 – Wow, things have been flying by with Kim and Dave here! We’ve been having a blast and there have been so many things to do. Between the three of us, we’ve managed to make the most of our time. We split up occasionally so Kim can do some shopping and Dave and I can do some trekking.

Jaana suggested we meet her and the kids in the evening at a Russian restaurant called šašlik, conveniently located a “stones throw” from the Russian Embassy. I wouldn’t recommend the restaurant for everyone but it is an experience. The first thing Kim noticed was there were hardly any women diners in the restaurant. The place is expensive and it’s definitely a meat and potatoes kind of place so most of the patrons were the suit and tie crowd.

Max decided he was going to try the bear! Yes, they had bear meat and Max wanted to try it. Everyone else ordered items like Borscht, Chicken Kiev and I had some lamb kebab. The food was really good… and so was the bear! Max made sure we all had a taste. I don’t think I can compare it to any other meat, maybe beef with a slightly gamey taste. Max was funny when we got home that night because he was totally serious when he said “That was some good bear!”

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