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05.03.11 – You never know what someone will forget.

When I have the time I like to walk out my door and pick a direction to head for a wander through Helsinki not knowing what I’ll find. I’ve been here long enough that I’m running out of directions 😉 Odds are, whether I’ve been down chosen path one other time or 5 other times, I’ll find something new and interesting. I guess you just need to start walking.

Dave and I headed out for a walk around Töölönlahti, a little “lake” located close to the central train station. I’ve walked around Töölönlahti many times but this time we decided to walk across the middle and follow footpaths marked in the snow-covered frozen lake. Sure enough we found something new and interesting. Apparently a couple of owners had forgotten to remove their boats for the winter. We weren’t the only ones to find this slightly entertaining as you could tell by the trampled down snow all around them.

Maybe it sounds a bit simple but we both got a kick out of it. You never know what you’ll find unless you get out there 😉


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