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11.01.11 – My friend Dave is in transition. He’s moving from his home of 32 years in Michigan for a job down in Florida. I wish him the best. He’s a great guy as you can tell from the following note he provided to his landlord.

Dear Possible Resident:

I have had the pleasure of living in a barn. Were it not for job pressures that have made it necessary for me to leave, I would happily continue living here indefinitely. But the world turns, and so it’s time for me to go.

Should you decide to live here, let me tell you about some of what you can expect. First, strictly business-you will find Mark to be a fair, caring, and very responsive landlord. I’ve known Mark for a long time, and truth be told, still have a hard time thinking of him as my landlord, but that he is. He will keep the property looking fresh. He will keep the lawn tended and takes pride in doing so. He will wake up in the darkest blizzard morning this part of the country can throw at you and plow the driveway. He is a master tradesman, and if it breaks down, he’ll fix it promptly or find the right man for the job who will.

You have probably noticed the scarcity of neighbors close by. Don’t worry about that. the VanderPloegs are great neighbors. I will miss the girls, as they have brought me many, many smiles, whether from Lindsey’s charm with her long locks flashing in the sun, Abby’s innocent intelligence and humor, Emily’s older sister seriousness, or Molly’s toddling discoveries…I will miss them all so much…

Your other neighbors are beauty and quiet peace. You will be dazzled in the morning by the sunrise in the autumn mists of the wetlands to the east, and awestruck by the magnificent sunsets in your beautiful big west window. If you’ve spent most of your time in the city like I have, you may well wonder why you never noticed these things before. I will never forget them.

You will also have a sweet corn delight in August, a pair of Sandhill cranes that like to hang around in the north paddock, two overflights of grand Canadian geese at dawn and dusk like clockwork, a wild assortment of birds during the migration seasons, and the wind and weather and moon and stars.

I’m trying to think of something to warn you about so as not to be irresponsible, but I can’t think of a thing. If you move in to the barn, I’m jealous. It’s been my home, and maybe now it will be yours. It’s worth twice the price, whatever Mark’s asking. I’d stay if I could, and I wish with all my heart I could take it with me.




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