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25.09.10 – Time to head back home, Finland that is. We said our goodbyes at the airport. Never easy. Never easy.


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24.09.10 – Yep, “lost” full day in Barcelona.

We spent our last day in Spain comfortably lost in a city worth loosing yourself in. We wandered the narrow streets off Las Ramblas never knowing what would be around the corner and all the much better for it. I wish the day would have never ended.

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20.09.10 – A short trip by train from Barcelona makes for the perfect day trip to the spiritual center of Catalonia, Montserrat. The train drops you off at the bottom of beautiful 1200 meter mountains topped with a massif of limestone pinnacles where you ride a funicular to the monastery above. A 12th century chapel built to house the La Moreneta, the Black Virgin, was our destination. We waited in line with a couple hundred other people to climb the narrow staircase and make our way to La Moreneta. I choked when I was finally in front of her and forgot to make my request. Bummer!

It’s a beautiful place to sit and take in the fresh air and beautiful scenery which was much more spiritual for me 馃槈

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19.09.10 – What a great day. We came up with a plan and we stuck to it. Anita and I decided to try to start with the Park G眉ell, a garden with complex architectural elements designed by Antoni Guad铆, and then head over to the Fundaci贸 Joan Mir贸, a museum of the artists work.

The park was definitely my favorite. Anything Guad铆 blows me away. The level of detail and creativity is unlike anything I’ve been fortunate to experience. At the entrance to the park were amazing buildings which reminded me of gingerbread houses, and then a cave like structure you could walk into with doric columns and a ceiling with some of the most beautiful mosaics. As you walk through the park which is built on top of a hill overlooking Barcelona, you come across the most amazing roadway viaduct which was like walking through some dinosaur’s remains. It’s hard to describe! Simply amazing. The park luckily offers many places to sit and relax and take in the experience.

We caught a cab from the park to go to a museum of Joan Mir贸’s, the Fundaci贸 Joan Mir贸. It was great to see a cross-section of the artist’s life’s work. Mir贸 is an artist I know by name and a couple of his works. The museum has a number of works, some familiar but most new to me. There were also a number of works by other artists, my favorite was the Mercury Fountain by Alexander Calder. My favorite by Mir贸 was the Tapestry of the Foundation, a 750 x 500 cm tapestry as you first enter the main exhibit. Colors and textures. That’s all I can say.

Enough for now 馃槈

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18.09.10 – Without a doubt, Sagrada Famil铆a, or Temple Expiatori de la Sagrada Fam铆lia, the official Catalan name, is the most amazing architectural site I have ever seen in my life. You can literally pick a random spot in the cathedral and “zoom in” to focus on the smallest section and you would be amazed at the level of detail. Metal sculptures outside and inside the cathedral, the stained glass windows illuminating the interior, the cast iron doors with embossed letters, the way the overall construction appears to be dripped candle wax, if everything wasn’t so unbelievably beautiful you would question the sanity.

When the church is finished it will have 18 towers: 12 dedicated to the apostles, 4 to the evangelists, one to Jesus and another to Mary.聽鈥 Sagrada Famil铆a website

If you ever get the chance to visit Barcelona, and I hope you do, you have to visit Sagrada Famil铆a because words and pictures cannot describe the experience.

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