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10.06.11 – Emma’s off on a great adventure. She’s on her first trip solo and she’s 1000s of miles away visiting friends in California and Oregon. This is a great experience for her and I’m proud of her… but I miss her lots. She’s only been gone for a week now but I think I’m going crazy 😉 There have been so many times when I’m out and about in the city that I catch a glimpse of someone out of the corner of my eye, thinking it’s her, only to find it’s not. She’s not coming back for another 3 weeks. Ugh.

The good news is that she’s having a good time. Luckily I get to see some pictures of her that friends have posted on Facebook. She’s too busy to write :0 Well, I guess it’s better than getting phone calls that she’s homesick. I’ll survive.


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22.02.11 – Finland’s schools are closed this week for Winter-Break. The break was originally called hiihtoloma or “skiing holiday” because it was used to help children develop their cross-country skiing skills. Most of Emma’s friends have left with their families to places like Spain or Dubai so I don’t think they will be honing their skiing skills.

We needed to find something to do outside so we decided to head South for a walk on the ice. The ice along the coast is solid and it’s not difficult to find cross-country skiing trails and foot paths to indicate safe travel. When we were out, there were a number of other people as far as the eye could see taking advantage of their free time like we were doing.

We hiked out a couple of kilometers to channel marker frozen solid in the ice. Although there were footprints continuing past the marker, we decided to turn back once we reached it. I’m not familiar with what the channel marker was indicating but there are a number of ferries which depart to St. Petersburg, Stockholm and Tallinn from either side of where we were walking so I knew we would eventually come to a point where there was a path cut in the ice from one of the daily ferries.

Our “trailhead” to the ice was located next to a popular restaurant called Cafe Carusel so on the way back home we warmed up with hot chocolate 😉

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19.02.11 – Yup, my boy turned 12 yesterday and my daughter, Emma, turns 14 today! She’s the other love of my life 😉 Emma is… the funniest girl I know, the most beautiful, a talented videographer, a fashionista extreme, a world traveler, a best friend, a sometimes shy girl, an academic superstar and… my daughter!

Happy Birthday Emma! I love you!

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25.12.10 – Well at least not naughty enough to tip the scales 😉 Emma and Max did pretty well this year. Max scored several Lego sets, some cool books about science and facts in both English and Finnish and even a knife! Emma received a bunch of Finnish videos (Jaana got a HDTV and a Blu-Ray player), some books and gift certificates from H&M and Gina Tricot, her favorite stores. And now… some rest!

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20.12.10 – You maybe asking yourself “Why randomness?” Emma has this way of adding “ness” onto words which don’t usually have such endings and I love it. Maybe it’s an Emma thing, maybe a new way of talking for kids or maybe it’s a Finnish thing, I’m not sure. She has some pictures on Facebook called “Schoolness” and she was talking about how she loves Helsinki and it’s “ocean-ness.” Language lately has been interesting for Emma, Max and I, and we’re all dealing with the “changeness.”

Here are some images of Finland which I think fall into the “randomness” category.

The first is something odd I found outside the ice rink near the central train station. It’s a hockey game so I guess when you’re not playing hockey on the ice, you can take a break and… play hockey.

The second was something I was watching at Stockmann‘s department store when I was looking for a DVD player. The tv’s on display were showing a biathlon, the sport which involves two of Finns favorite pastimes, skiing and shooting.

The last is… (spoiler alert if you still believe in Santa Claus)… a flyer posted outside my building’s front door for a “rent a Santa.” In Finland, Santa comes to your house in person on Christmas Eve to deliver the presents. Sometimes you have to hire someone to make the most of the “holidayness.”

It’s been a long day so I’m putting a fork in this one and going to sleep!

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11.12.10 – Friday was a busy day so the weather on Saturday set the mood for staying home and taking it easy with the kids. We were in our pajamas past noon playing games, surfing the web and as Emma would say, Chillax’n. Emma’s the queen of chillax’n but she’s like me and can’t sit too long. She asked if she could make chocolate chip cookies, the classic American cookie which I have a huge weakness for, so I quickly agreed with the plan. Searching for the ingredients and cookie sheets proved to be a bit of a challenge… what is baking soda in Finnish?… but after four different stores I managed to find what we needed. Emma rewarded us with some killer cookies 😉

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Emma’s New Doo

24.11.10 – Emma got her haircut. She emailed me the night before a couple of pictures of some styles she liked. I handed over my phone to the stylist and I guess a picture’s worth a thousand words. Luckily 😉

Side note, it’s snowing like crazy here but it’s still easy to get around town with public transportation. The buses and trams are hardly phased by the weather.

Another note, tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I wish I could say I was happy about that but it’s a bit odd being all the way in Finland and so far from the festivities. I’m heading to Jaana’s house on Saturday because she’s hosting a Thanksgiving party. That should be interesting.

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