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10.11.10 – Did you know?

  • Finnish women became the first in the world to have unrestricted rights both to vote and to stand for parliament in 1906.
  • Finland’s first female President Tarja Halonen was voted into office in 2000 and for a second term in 2006.
  • Women’s representation in Finland’s parliament stands at 38 %.
  • In 2007 Matti Vanhanen’s second cabinet made history as for the first time there were more women than men in the cabinet of Finland.

It probably doesn’t surprise most people, Finland ranks high on gender equality. Most people are familiar with how Scandinavians have dealt with gender issues well before the rest of the world. Women have taken on more roles which have been traditionally male and vice versa.

I picked up Emma from an after school class and she asked if we could stop at the store to pickup some “hair things.” I thought she was looking for some kind of clip or band to hold her hair back. It turns out she was looking for rollers.

Once we got home, “Should I do them tonight?”

“Sure, why not? That’s why we got them.”

Five minutes pass. “Daddy, are you doing anything?”

Next thing I know, I’m in the bathroom trying to help her put her hair up in rollers. Not a big deal but I kept thinking in the back of my head, I don’t think I could see my father doing this when we were young. No offense dad! Times are changing and so will I.

I’m happy that my girl is growing up in such a progressive country.


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26.10.10 – Rome was great but it’s good to be home. Last time I flew back here I didn’t have an apartment which made things more difficult. It was nice to come back to my own place, see my friends from Finnish for Foreigners and most importantly see my girlie girl, Emma. She was happy with the gifts we brought back. I got her a calendar with pictures of cats in Rome and Aunt Kim got her a killer knitted scarf and some Capezio tights. She put the tights and scarf to use immediately. Everything was good.

I’m feeling another chapter coming on though 😉

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13.10.10 – Emma went to see Lady Gaga last night with her friend Annette. Jaana ended up escorting them but luckily I got to see them get ready for the show. Obviously both girls were “on fire.” I ended up hanging out with Max who wasn’t as excited to see, as he put it, “Lady Kakka.”

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30.09.10 – Yes!!! I went to view an apartment yesterday and it’s sweet! I took the kids there in the evening and we all agreed it’s “the” place. The landlord seems very cool too. It’s across from the park I’m currently staying at so it won’t be too much a move. I’m familiar with the neighborhood and I really enjoy it. Max, Emma and I got up to the place just before sunset and the views are amazing. The bedrooms, there are two, have views of the ocean and some rooftops of the neighborhood which are very colorful. The living room has a balcony and views of the park. The apartment is on the top floor which is the eighth. Hopefully I can move in next week! Keep fingers crossed.

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25.09.10 #2 – It was so nice to get back to Helsinki and make a beeline to Jaana’s place to see the kids. Unfortunately, my little girl Emma has become miss popularity since moving to Finland. Apparently, the night before she was at a sleepover and by the time I got home she had left to visit a friends summer-house.

Luckily my boy, Max, was ready and waiting. I hadn’t slept much the night before because my flight left at 0605. Max was ready to just chill with me so we rented two movies, The Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time and Kick-Ass. We also picked up some candy at the movie rental place. I’m not sure if all movie rentals are like the one I’ve been going to but at this one they have bulk candy that you can create your own bag.

It was a great homecoming!

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30.08.10 – Well our belongings have cleared customs and at least one of us has found an apartment. I helped Jaana get her stuff into her new place. We had to sort thru everything so my boxes could go back into storage. I did get my bike!!! Hopefully I’ll have my cycling shoes in a couple of days too so I can start hitting the road. Just in time because the weather is starting to take a turn for the worst.

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29.08.10 – Jaana, Max and Emma are settling into their new place. They did most of the work but I helped out a bit painting the high spots, the ceiling is really high, 10′ at least. Both kids painted only one wall in each room, Max chose green and Emma chose blue. The pictures here aren’t exactly accurate for color. Their stuff arrives tomorrow, so we had to get things painted today.

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