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10.03.11 – I was down walking at my favorite place, across the ice to some of the little islands off the coast of Helsinki. Spring is in the air although the temperatures are still about freezing. The days are getting longer, you can feel the change in sunlight on a daily basis. While I was out walking today there was a storm off the coast which made for some dramatic clouds.


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08.03.11 – The trip to the Museum of Natural History has too many great photo ops to limit the visit to three pix. Besides the amazing dioramas, one of my favorite, albeit slightly spooky, displays are the preserved insects and sea life. There’s an entire wall filled with bottled bugs. Max goes crazy over these things because there are so many odd life forms on display. I usually spend the most time in the museum at this display. Crazy stuff!

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23.02.11 – I love taking the long way home 😉 Whenever I have the time and given the option to take a slightly different route to my destination, I always opt for something new and different. I’ve been working on an idea for a business and I met with a graphic designer, Tex, who seems really cool and perfect for the project. I tend to get excited and animated when I’m talking about the project so by the time I left, I needed to “decompress.”

I decided to walk home from where we met in Katajanokka along the coast to my place in Punavuori. Once you get past the harbor, where the ships and tugs are constantly busting up trails in the ice, you get to undisturbed areas where you see more and more footprints and tracks leaving the sidewalks and out onto the ice. It was late in the day, but I had some time so I decided to divert and take the long way home.

The ice along the coast is usually full of people out for walks but at this time of the day, while the sunset was slowly changing shades of red, I was the only one. I walked out and around one of the little islands just off the coast. Once you reach the furthest point out, with the island behind you and blocking the city from view, you really get a feeling of solitude. I was still “high on life” so it was a welcome feeling. It reminded me of times when I have been camping and you stop to look around, feeling there isn’t another soul in the world, and you are content with life and loving the view.

The frozen world I was taking in at the moment could be seen by some as harsh, frozen and barren. When you look South, it really seems you can start walking in any direction because the surface is so flat and there are only a few rolling hills/islands off in the distance. The surface is smooth ice, covered with a fine layer of snow crystals which crunch underfoot. My eye was drawn to the few areas along the edge of the island where the ice had cracked and raised in sections. The red sunset was fighting a loosing battle and the world around me was becoming a beautiful blue.

Life was good in my world and I actually felt recharged from this little slice of solitude.

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17.02.11 – Remember Men at Work, the Australian band from the 80s? If you do, honk your horn, and if you don’t, click on the link or punch it into Pandora. They were a goofy band and I was a goofy kid so their was a natural attraction. One song in particular, Down by the Sea, was their attempt at something a bit more serious. Love down at the waterline, laced with innuendo, which struck a chord with me because I grew up on the shores of The Great Lakes and in the 80s I was laced with hormones.

The song still bounces around in my head every once in a while but these days I find a different message in the lyrics. The opening line is “Down by the sea. I found your hidden treasure.” I was walking down by the frozen Helsinki waterline and had to stop and take some pictures of the unique ice formations. The crystals forming on the surface looked like manna from heaven. A gift from someone or something.

There wasn’t another soul around, so I ventured out onto the ice to get some close-up shots. Even though I was alone, standing on a frozen sea with the temperatures down around -20°C, I still felt close to something alive. The ice continues to move with the momentum of the ocean below so there is the faint, deep and low moan of huge sections of ice slowly grinding together. If you stand still and listen, you can hear the trickles of water just below the surface, little streams of water moving between layers of the ice.

I couldn’t stay for long, this is not my world, and you begin to freeze your tail off if you don’t keep moving. I jumped back onto solid ground and continued on my way, humming a simple tune and thinking to myself that I found a hidden treasure.

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Woops, this one snuck through. I was just testing an app on my iPhone called PixelPipe which pushes files to other services like WordPress. I have some videos on my iPhone I want to push to Facebook. Apparently when I added WordPress it pushed this image which looks good so I’m going to leave it. So there 😉

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26.01.11 – It’s official! I’m loving the Hipstamatic in black and white. I’ve been using BlacKeys B+W film with the John S lens. Finding the right film and lens combination can be a challenge, that’s why I put together a Hipstamatic cheat sheet. I’m going to stick with this combo for a while before diving into something like BlacKeys Supergrain.

Most of the shots I have been taking are places I have visited often but the black and white is breathing a whole new life into the images. Much much fun!

On a side note, Emma’s gone old school and picked up a lo-fi Diana camera when she was with her mother in London. Wow, I have to find somewhere that develops film! She’s already shot one roll so hopefully she will be a guest poster in the very near future!

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25.01.11 – Trying to get decent color shots using the Hipstamatic during the long dark winter months of Finland can be a challenge. The color palette of the city is primarily a snow-covered white, although Helsinki still radiates color with brightly colored shops and buildings, the short amount of daylight hours and skies predominately covered by overcast clouds and/or snow left me with dark, plugged-up color shots with a blue cast.

I was spending most of my time walking through the many parks of Helsinki and my eye was drawn to the contrast of the black lines of the tree branches on the white background of snow and sky. I had already been taking some photos of trees and posting them with positive comments so it only seemed logical to focus on the same.

Switching to BlacKeys B+W film on the Hipstamatic was a bit unnatural at first because the whole time I’ve been working on my blog, I’ve enjoyed capturing bright color, but I started seeing positive results almost immediately. I liked what I was seeing and it opened up a whole new range of photo opportunities. I already have a number of other images I want to post and I know there are many places in the city that I’ve shot color I can’t wait to get back to capture some black and white shots.

This is one of the great things about an app like Hipstamatic, or photography in general. Once you think you’re tapped out on ideas, you can switch gears and open up a whole new area to play in.

More black and white to follow!

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