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I just stumbled across this blog by a Finnish artist and I love it! Check it out when you have time. At first I thought he was posting pictures of his kids coloring book, black line drawings with bright red strokes added on top, but as you dig deeper into the blog you find he has some really amazing pieces. Stills, landscape, portraits, it’s all there and it’s sometimes fun and sometimes deep. I’ve always loved Japanese Woodblock paintings and his work reminds me of the style.

Old fireboat, Helsinki harbour Old fireboat, Helsinki harbour, originally uploaded by Brin d’Acier. … Read More

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02.09.10 – Reading materials!!! Magazines, newspapers and Books. Wired, Game Informer, The New York Times Sunday paper, Sci-Fi and Nonfiction Current Events. Finding English reading material when you live abroad can be difficult, not just for me but for the kids too.

Relying on English in Finland isn’t a problem because so many Finns speak the language, often times more fluently than Americans. Finding English magazines, books and newspapers isn’t impossible either but you have to do some legwork. You can find English magazines at the central train station and the Akateeminen Kirjakauppa (The Academic Bookstore) , located just a short walk from the train station,has a fairly large selection of books in English but nowhere near the selection I’m used to (Powell’s Books in Portland is unbeatable!!!).

With the iPad, I’m back to having newspapers and magazines delivered to my doorstep and the selection of iBook and Amazon Kindle eBooks, although somewhat light right now (especially the iBook selection), is way greater than anything I might find at the local bookstore.

On a side note, regarding iPad vs. Kindle, I would go with the iPad because there are so many other things I’m finding I do with the iPad already, I wouldn’t want to be limited to just a reading device. I like the ability to browse the web, play games and have my photos at the ready. I wouldn’t want to have to switch from device to device. IMHO (In My Humble Opinion).

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