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21.09.10 – Most of the day was spent either in transit or trying to get to “in transit.” It’s hard to ignore the thoughts of The Amazing Race when you’re staring at a metro map and then trying to follow icons and directions in the metro labyrinth looking for the RENFI connection.

We decided to head to Cadaqués, near the border of France on the Costa Brava. The two-hour train trip was relatively scenic but it was especially nice to catchup on some reading, For Whom the Bell Tolls, which seems appropriate. We took a train to Figueres and then a bus over the pass to the coast, dropping into Cadaqués. We arrived in Figueres, the location of the Dali museum, so we decided to stop at the museum on our return.

We found a nice hotel called Llane Petit and settled into a small but clean room with views of the water and the center of town. It was late so sleep was in order.

Lets see what tomorrow brings.


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