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And here I thought I moved to a safe place. Now I live in the home of the FLA, Food Liberation Army. Where do I join?

'Terrorists' kidnap Ronald McDonald in Helsinki By Sari Gustafsson | AFP News A group calling itself the Food Liberation Army has claimed responsibility for “kidnapping” a statue of the McDonald’s food chain mascot Ronald McDonald and has threatened to “execute” the figure if their demands are not met. The group posted a video on YouTube where balaclava-clad “terrorists”, holding the clown statue with a bag over its head, demanded that the world’s largest food chain answer questions about its … Read More

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06.02.11 – It may be Super Bowl Sunday in America but hockey is king in Finland. I ran across this rally outside of Kamppi, the popular shopping mall in the center of Helsinki. They were supporting Jokerit Helsinki, the home team. At first I thought it was a demonstration. Before I saw the crowd of people wearing their team colors, I saw six polisi vans stationed in front blocking the way. Hearing Finnish through a bullhorn sounds like someone’s angry too. They were a peaceful bunch, shouting some cheers and singing some songs before finally marching off to the hockey stadium. No fights. No harm. No blood. Finnish hockey fans are not hooligans. I wanted to get this on photo of the police because when I got close enough to the van one of the cops was sitting inside reading the newspaper.

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